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About Us

Alchemy... Are a UK based facilities management and catering consultancy established in 2009, who specialise in providing you with a personalised service that enables you to determine your true catering, cleaning, security and general facilities management services requirements.

We work for all types of businesses from

  1. Small start-up operations
  2. Local and national government agencies
  3. NHS
  4. Schools, Colleges and Universities
  5. Large UK and international organisations.

We focus on offering facilities management and catering consultancy and design solutions to organisations that wish to review their outsourced or self delivered catering and building support services.

The world of catering, hospitality and facilities management is constantly changing and therefore it can be challenge to determine the best way to manage, develop and control these services within your business.

At Alchemy we possess the expertise to review and re-engineer every facet of your building services activity, which underpins your business.

The services we offer are wide ranging, but all have a common thread: to maximise the return on your investment.

Within Alchemy our consultants have a great depth of knowledge having held senior board director and senior management positions across both commercial and public sector organisations within the Catering and facilities management industry, and therefore have the direct 'hands on' experience to identify the right solution for your business.

This experience enable us to focus on both the service and financial aspects of your business, areas that represent significant importance for your organisation to effectively function on a day to day basis and maintain the well-being of their people.